how to install iphone apps using itools.

how to install iphone apps using itools.

itools new download link for itools not only itools + ONE SHELL FOR JAILBREAKING!



rappingmani says:

it cant install unknown apps it wont let you install apps not verified because some of those apps could brake your device,so you could only install what ever app you want with jailbreak
But I know other applications you could use to get apps for free without jailbreak its called tongbu it not in English but you could search on youtube how to use it. And another one is called 25pp which is also not in English, these are applications for computer.if you need help using these applications inbox me

aman maharjan says:

thanks man,it finally worked after using apps sync from cydia

Feybi Graciela says:

Is this need to be jailbroken?

Aga Madden says:

can u help me how 2 install itools in windows version? thanks

DriftStuntRo says:

I have this problem.iTools say to me app verification failed….

renlute says:

I tried installing itools and could not get it to work with iphone 3g. Waste of time. Installed MediaMonkey instead and it works just like it’s supposed to.

Nasya McCool says:

go to tools and open ipa

Lawrence Marceillant says:

Hey your name is my name

Dominique Banane says:

how? i get app verification failed….. :C help

Takaru kun says:

YAAY works without jailbreak THX man ^_^

Kaan Sahbaz says:

I have ipod touch 4g

shazia fatima says:

hi..I have iPhone 3G n I download apps but apps r not sync with my iPhone can anybody can help me plzz…plz me!!!

Audrius Dedela says:

i have iphone 4s can i put games in my phone? 6,,1,3

Miguel Angel Olivares Avendaño says:

Search “Appsync” in Cydia, and install it. ; D

Joy Chowdhury says:

When I upload the apps his time say install failed : verification failed as the authority is invalid ! How u solve this problem ! Please tell me ! How I upload the apps please tell me !

Saurav Mdr says:

do we need internet connection to use this ???

jerry navales says:

panong gagawin kpag sinasabi na vrification failed authority invalid

pandaGames86 says:

its said it wasent real the app so how to i fix that

callmebewitching says:

makakakuha ba ko ng mtataas na version ng apps gmit itools khit na mababa version ng Iphone ko?? answer me please :)

callmebewitching says:

what is the use of itools?

ti7any says:

i cant connect to my phone

Armand Sanz says:

need install APPsync6 form cydia

Luiz Fernando Xavier says:

for problemas with permissions, try installing APPsync6+ form cydia

easter joy laguerta says:

nagtagalog sya oh hahahah

Kido Konvict says:

How could yo download BIA & NBA On ya iPhone 3g
I can’t download any of real games , only silly kids games
can’t find on IOS 4.2.1
AND I’ve downloaded appsync , still same , can’t install any game

Nadim13344 says:

once i install apps how do i update them plz help

Joeafasf Shooterasfafsf says:

bumigay na sa last na sentence ginawa nang tagalog yan ang matapang!!!!!!

Vandita Sinha says:

I dont find appsync in cydia

PrinceAbud says:


RichieleSantos says:

It appears to me too! Before, I installed and runed apps normally, but now, I can’t do it because appears this mensage. What is happening?! My device is an iPhone 4 32G with iOS6 Jailbroked.

Lawrence Bisa says:

you’ll need to jailbreak your idevice to use this methos.if your device i already jailbroekn and still not cydia and search for appsync ang respring before intall ing any games.

GUNNER Arsenal says:

Install failed Verification failed as the authority is invalid I cant do that

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