Electric car without Battery invented – Government killed inventor!

Electric car without Battery invented – Government killed inventor!

Electric car without Battery invented – Government killed inventor! Create your own Electricity for free: http://greensciences.org BEST Android apps: http://downloadandroidapplications.com/…



Daniel Leech says:

Where is the car? Where are the blueprints?? I’m gonna remain on the fence
with this one until I see it independantly tested, though I would like to
think that the technology is out there. We can’t go on like this forever,
that’s for sure!!

nobody2612 says:

oh wow, soooo amazing. The only downside about magnetic tech as opposed to
rechargeable battery, gas, or even plasma tech is that it may not work in
hot environments as to magnets heat up quite easily, however idk know
because ive never driven a car with two motors.

rockethead7 says:

This is a famous fraud from 20 years ago. He and his wife bilked MILLIONS
out of gullible investors (then she ran off with the Prime Bank scam guy to
Costa Rica – I guess she is attracted to conmen). They even got Dennis
Weaver (actor) to throw a ton of money in, and endorse the scam. Troy Reed
admitted on tape that in 1999 that it never actually worked as he claimed,
and he sold the patents to EZ-GO golf cart manufacturer. The only thing on
Earth that is truly unlimited is the power of idiocy.

Mike von bach says:

he and his wife dreamed the mother of all dreams a regular guy worked for
ten years on building that motor and it worked well I. WE NEVER SAW T would
do all that he said . BUT IT WASN’T TO BE THE minute he told the government
it was lights out.I wonder did they buy him out or did they do him in.WE

Bo McGillacutty says:

If we know anything about ANYTHING—it’s that conservation of energy is as
absolute a law of nature as anything you can think of.

rockethead7 says:

Quit getting your education from watching videos. No law of physics has
ever been changed. No law of physics has ever been violated. Just because
you don’t UNDERSTAND the laws of physics, that doesn’t mean that you can
sit there and claim that somehow this means maybe they’re wrong. As for me
insinuating that we know everything, you’ve got it totally backward, you
nutbag. YOU are insinuating we know NOTHING. Just because we don’t know
*everything* – that doesn’t mean we know nothing.

Lance Winslow says:

I am also a skeptic, like Daniel Leech.

NetMorpheus says:

this guy died just like stanley meyers did….no can invent anything of
this type of tech..sad but true…or get killed trying

sinsenest says:

I don’t get why everybody here keeps saying this guy is a fraud. He could
be or he couldn’t be. The question really lies more on why he got killed by
his own government because of his ‘invention’ rather than being jailed. Is
it because the government feared their autoindustry would go downhill from
this invention, or were they merely jealous of him financially? Hm, never
know, our government is full of conspiracies and hidden agendas (just
research thoroughly into the 9/11 “terrorist” attacks, and you’ll find out
who the real “terrorists” are).

mart fart says:

Deserved to be shot, lying git.

izarkstan r says:

tried this once, it didn’t work because i didn’t know anything about
friction and how magnets can easily be effected. i’m sorry, but this is
probably not real.

dylan scronce says:

Uh… This video was made in March.. 8 months ago. The fucking government
isn’t going to delete shit dude lmfao!

Larry Pearce says:

rockethead and other distractors are paid by the scum bags to prevent
technology from getting to the people. This is just one of lots of workable
free energy projects and the oil company owners IE Rockerfeller would lose
trillions of dollars so hiring traitors for a few bucks to post crap like
they do is nothing. We are getting thiese new technologies finally and ALL
of these evil ones who wish all to be slaves will soon be gone. And So it

TrueBlueHalliday says:

So this guy is the inspiration for Breaking Bad character, Walt.

adriangization says:

if thats really true…fuck the automobile industry.you know what i mean!!!

JoseReyes305 says:

Original Prius.

Jose Moran says:

how can I get one of this motors

ban dokleng says:

The engine probably in the back

bibbler227 says:

How can this old video by this scam artist still have followers…

s templar says:

Nothing new you can run anything without a battery.

ShawnGrayV says:

Isn’t it funny how a decent looking guy is vilified as a fraud. He seems
honest to me, just as Stan Meyer was. But they’re both dead. Here’s some
youtube clips these cynical doubters can belittle – I say watch the clip
and judge for yourself.
The clips to look for are…

Hydrogen Hybrid Conversion For ANY Vehicle – I’m Saving 56% At The Gas Pump!

Water Car Inventor Killed Full Story

I pay homage to Stan Meyer – American inventor, hero and patriot.

Patrick Carter says:

Did you not see the car running idiot, it’s dumb ass people like you that
are fucking up the world today!

Kim Lund Sørensen says:

So you really just build up the rpm and thereby the inertia of the machine,
by running electrical power into the machine. When you then unplug it, the
inertia keeps the motor running and you can tap into that energy, which you
just put into it, long enough to fool a few idiot journalists into
believing it can go on for hours, but really it’s exhausted after 5

natalia pereira says:


rmcwmn says:

Suzuki swift GTI Turbo AWD, just what I thought

Mark Mniece says:

This guy has zero science in his vocabulary…

locc sta says:

fucking Ned Flanders irl

Bo McGillacutty says:

Thanks for the details–didn’t know. Based on this vid one totally deserves
to be scammed if they fall for it. Should be a legal exemption maybe for
frauds that are this laughably obvious. It’s good when fools fail.

Koito rob says:

It’s all lies! If these ‘amazing motors’ truly existed we would ALL be
using them! IF the guy had really been killed by governments, do you
honestly think they would leave all the evidence behind?

therealdeadpen says:

Video will be deleted by next week. Gov controlling what you see

Open Your Mind says:

Government killed inventor?

rockethead7 says:

2nd reply to this post: What on Earth are you talking about? You are
blatantly and ridiculously incorrect. You made the absolutely stupid
comment that all physicists are wrong because you say nuclear energy is a
violation of the laws of thermodynamics? (This demonstrates that you don’t
even understand thermodynamics.) Then, you imply that people’s
understanding merely because it’s in a book, and not because they
understand the SCIENCE? And, you’re doing all of that in a 20 year old
conman video?

CJ Snipes says:

The only thing the car has is a BATTERY! Title Fail

eXtremeDR says:

It’s real and it’s working. The physical principles behind his motor are
pretty easy.

Sarah B says:

1st law of thermodynamics heat = work you can only have as much work as
heat you have durrrrrrr durrrrrrrrrr

jagerbomb7810 says:

Well no fucking shit electric motors are more efficient but what does it
matter. They still have friction and they still produce heat, And your
still not going to find one that will make more energy than it uses. You
completely missed the point of what I was trying to tell you, probably
because you don’t have the intelligence to comprehend it. You don’t even
seem to know what you’re saying your self.

Jeff Burke says:

But the problem is, if you invest your time and effort into making what
this guy made, you’ll be very disappointed, because all he made was a
flywheel attached to a generator, and an electric car. Cool stuff, just not
free energy. If you really want to focus on the future of energy and
transportation, take a look at solar power (which is essentially indirect
fusion) and battery electric vehicles.

Bo McGillacutty says:

This was fun for a while but since you can’t seem to understand my posts we
are going in circles now. Newtonian and quantum physics and relativity
WORK. They make predictions that endlessly turn out to be accurate and
allow for entirely new technologies. Qmechanics necessarily came before
transistors, Relativity is required for GPS, math works…on and on. When
YOU can demonstrate something remotely as important and new-you’ll get your
Nobel Prize. Til then we all better learn from the few

rockethead7 says:

Hypocrite of the week award goes to you! The entire community of physicists
is WRONG? Conservation of energy was proven wrong by nuclear energy? And,
you say that OTHER people lack education in physics? Pffft. You’re either a
massive moron, or a troll. Either way, you’re still a hypocritical jackass.
Um, no, nuclear energy doesn’t disprove thermodynamics. As a matter of
fact, nuclear energy helped CONFIRM everything we knew about
thermodynamics. E=mc2 does NOT violate thermodynamics, you nitwit.

Bo McGillacutty says:

Tdynamics was only reinforced by nuclear science. “They” don’t consider
con. of energy a law? Who? The Flat Earth Society perhaps? Obviously you
are tuning into quacks and fraudsters. Which ‘Law of Tdynamics, there isn’t
just one…clearly you don’t know what the F your talking about on this
subject and you project your confusion and ignorance on to the rest of us.
Go to a junior college and learn some ACTUAL Phisics…they let anyone in
to those institution.

Bo McGillacutty says:

Religion is mythology, has little to do with reality. There is tons we
don’t know this is the reason for research and sci. publications–non of
which have ever succeeded in undermining many core concepts such as Newtons
equations. Your confusion in part results from not understanding the diff
between the frontiers of sci. and establish theory. And you continue to
claim to know certain things and in the same thread claim to know
nothing…you need to work on that..makes you sound like a joker.

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